Aldi Baby Event...

10:02 pm
Found this backpack for £7.99 which is waaaaay cheaper than the (mentioning no names) other brands you can get....pretty much the same thing, minus the ridiculous price.

BARGAIN. Prefect timing now I'm taking Rhun on reign walks.. They literally, had this, no joke, or a butterfly one, which he wouldn't appreciate. Might take him for a little off-road trek tomorrow see how he gets on been as they aren't reins...

These are so handy to have in the travel bag/pram... for this pack which was 4x 24 wipes it was only £1.29 .... bargain...

And the real deal.... a box of  12x64 wipes was only £5.99 can't even grumble at that price.... such a bargain !

And the real deal.... a box of  12x64 wipes was only £5.99 can't even grumble at that price.... such a bargain !

Off subject of the baby event - a little.. but then come to think of it, it's handy too... I mean. that draining board... and those wet bottles.... only calls for a POWER FORCE DISH DRYING MAT £1.49 matches my kitchen too.. banging'! I do have one, it's grey but it's a few years old and been through the wash a little too often!

Can't grumble really... I mean, can't grumble at all..

Why I'm lucky to be alive... again.

7:32 pm
Count your blessings. Life is proppa. Life sucks at times. This has only just sunk in. 

I'm lucky to be alive - again. I was lucky to be alive 3 months ago when I collapsed with a PE on my lung when I first got diagnosed. 95% of people with PE's die, I'm that lucky 5%. I Was admitted with suspected pneumonia last weekend, thankfully just a chest infection but that tiny cough I caught off Rhun and a combination of missed medication nearly my took my life as my PE had enlarged. I will      NEVER miss my daily injections again, no matter how scared of needles I am, or how painful it may be. I've been told of stories of people who have lost family due to PE's, it's scary.

 I know I walk around without too much of a good fuck but I've broke down a few times this week mainly at the shock of the news and results of my latest scans... I carry my CT results in my purse to remind me of how lucky I am... anyway I'm having a good old drink tonight cause life is short and I've just finished my course of antibiotics 👌🏻 never take life for granted guys. I couldn't imagine Rhun growing up without me beside him. Hurts to think about it. He's my rock. He's my reason for living. Thank you to all those who have helped with hospital/emergency ambulance trips and for looking after Rhun when I couldn't. I owe you all.

Yes, I'm scared of every bloody chest pain. That's life from now on I guess.

Also, degenerative disc disease (DDD) at multiple levels also showed up on my CT scan. Probably explains a lot of my pain. I've also been referred for physio for this, I'll do an update later. 

Next stop, haematology appointment to see why I'm so unlucky. ... ....
94 days smoke free today. Stoptober starts tomorrow. Remember this when you think it won't happen to you, I didn't think it would happen to me but it did. Lung problems are killers. Smoking doesn't help.

Maybe I'm the unlucky one. You just gotta stay positive, innit. 

Car Boot Haul

6:16 pm
Got some pretty cool bargains last week at the car boot sale. It's taken me a while to get my arse into gear and post this though as I've felt absolutely crap lately.

How cute is this little penguin romper, it's sooooo soft, it didn't have any labels inside with size/brand but it looks to be 12/18 months so we managed to pick this up for 50p. Rhun has/is only just starting to fit into 12/18 month clothes so I'm hoping this will still fit by December! If it doesn't, who cares, he can wear it for Halloween instead!

Topshot winter hat brand new for £1.... sorted! 


It's a sleeping pea pod and I got it for £1... Rhun looks sooooooooooo cute in it!

More Peppa puzzles we picked up for 50p each, Rhun has got a nice collection now.

2 giant weeble talking Peppa Pigs... paid 50p each for these and had to get both as we had both boys (Rhun & Billy) in the double buggy!

This cute little knit jumper which suits the current season, got this for 50p too.

Jasper Conran jacket for £1, I love this, it's so cute. Rhun looks so smart in it.

These were brand new from Mothercare but Rhun ate the label... paid £1 for these :)

And we picked up some new shoes! YAY! I love shoes for Rhun... These cute little boots were £1 as were the ones below.

Not a bad week at the car boot. Kids were spoilt!

Wilko Cellulite Massager - Review

8:26 pm

This does absolutely bugger all for cellulite... I have it.... and it's still there... every, last, dimple!

I've used this daily for just over 3 months now, it feels amazing and incredibly refreshing to use, but I think the name needs changing slightly, it does bugger all for cellulite! Even though I have continued to use it as a daily thing, I'm going to be the first to admit it has no effect on cellulite, little or large dimples, it makes zero difference. It does feel great as a massager though and I feel it wakes up the skin... it feels great after a long day or when massaging over tight muscles. You really have to work when using it, I like that :) For 95p it's probably a great value tool to have in the house if you want something that works to relax muscles.

I'll give it a 5/10 just a massive let down because of the name it's been given.


You'll love the soothing effect of our cellulite massager, eliminating fatigue with each use. Simply massage in a circular motion, starting at the knee, and move up to the top of the thigh for 3-5 minutes, as the feeling of fatigue just disappears. 

Smoothies for lazy people...

11:44 pm

Like me. I'm very much lazy this week. 

I spotted this pack of frozen smoothie portions today in Iceland. I don't shop in Iceland but went in with Rosie this morning and she pointed them out to me. Such good timing as I had a special delivery for the NutriNinja blender last week which I hadn't gotten round to using yet. I wanted something quick, effortless and tasty, not because I'm lazy all the time, just this week as I've not been well. Thought a smoothie or two would be a great way of getting those good 'ol nutrients in my system whilst I'm on the mend. They are £2 a pack and you get four portions in that so it works out at 50p a portion, all you need is either, water, yoghurt or fruit juice. I got some orange juice and ice and it was so tasty! It filled me up all evening, I usually find myself picking at junk food on a night but haven't felt the need. It's been 9 hours since I had it and I haven't eaten anything since... Not a bad job! I'll be having one for breakfast to see how long it actually fills me up for.

Another reason I like the frozen over fresh is because I am not under timed pressure to use up fresh fruit/veg before it goes off in the fridge. I think my smoothies will mostly be made of frozen goodies as it sits better with my lifestyle.



10:27 pm
Featuring a very unhappy Master Johnson.

You can thank me and Rosie *and Rhun* by sending donuts to us.

Actually don't. We're on a diet. Send virtual donuts if you must.
And share the post too :)

Awesome Car Boot Bargains

9:19 pm
I'm so sad... car boot season is nearly over :(

Anyway I managed to get quite a few good bargains this week.. check them out.

I picked up these Peppa Pig jigsaw puzzles for 25p each, both included all the pieces too!

Rhun is into cars, trucks, diggers and such at the moment so I managed to pick up this VTECH jungle truck with working sounds for 75p...

Pretty pleased with the following though, x3 brand new pair of jeans for £1 per pair...

 And 50p an item for the following...

I promise I'll film a car boot haul soon! Maybe this haul.... ?

Anyway, well happy with these buys... 

Another Wilkos Clearance...

5:20 pm
Just a super quick blog post showing you all a few bargains I picked up yesterday in Wilkos... I love wilko sales and clearances...

Check out these cool canvas prints I got for £1 each, they were reduced down from £5 as they weren't on the new store layout (they've recently had a complete change around...)


                                             These little bags are so cute, picked this up for 75p!

                                 And last but not least, this baby dolls carrier for 75p reduced from £4. Rhun has                                                    been dragging his baby around in it this morning...

DIY - How to make a cute mason jar lamp (Video)

11:36 am

Watch the video below and subscribe for more DIY coming soon...

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