Smith's Butchers of Minsterley Review

So, this evening I had the pleasure of trying some gorgeous meat from a family run butchers not far from us who actually deliver to Oswestry and surrounding areas. How cool is that!

 I'm not a huge fan of meat and only really tend to sway towards chicken but these burgers were 5* ! Can't even grumble about the quality because it's all there. You can taste how fresh they are and they're nice and filling too. That's me saying goodbye to frozen burgers (I know, I'm so bad...). 

100% beef burgers, hand made at Smith's family run butchers using locally sourced meat. They also sell exotic meats too!

So succulent and fresh, they were absolutely mouth watering with some cheese and salad. I can't wait to try the pork and apple burgers!!

Be sure to check out their Facebook page too! :)

Facebook Page
01743 791863

Another bargain pram?!

9:36 pm

Ok, I'm not even going to lie... 

I've done more pram shopping.. Intentional and not intentional. I've been trying to track down a nice umbrella fold double buggy for a few weeks now as it would come in handy when Billy (Rhuns' bestie) is over so we aren't house bound. There's only 4 days between them so both are walking and that would be pretty hard taking them both out at the same time without a double buggy if I were to have the pair of them on my own.

I hadn't seen any which I liked so when I stumbled upon this one at the car boot this morning I had to see if the owner would go any lower. She wanted £35 for it and to be fair I was playing a cheeky game as there's not a mark on it, it's in excellent condition and looks barely used. I managed to haggle down to £25... split between me and Rosie so we can both use it when minding each others kiddies... that's not a bad bloody deal...

Rhun also picked up a big (pictured) TY beanie Peppa Pig teddy too for £1.50.. with original tags on too.. that's a proppa bargain for a TY of that size! (I'm sure you collectors will know!) We also picked up a singing Peppa teddy with lights on her tummy.. Rhun has taken it to bed this evening so I couldn't picture it, he got that and a small George which he's also taken to bed for £1 for the pair of them. Another bargain...


Car Boot Bargains

9:24 pm
So, these boots are the same boots I've been buying for the last two winters.. I usually buy the grey ones and they're £29.99 from our local catalogue clearance outlet. I spotted these brand new ones at the car boot this morning for £5... that's my feet sorted for winter :) They're so comfortable, have good grip and look great with jeans. They're now my go to winter boot!

Picked up this cute casting kit for Rhun before his hands get huge... paid £1 for this brand new..

It comes in a super cute little tin too

 And two pair of Next jeans for Rhun for 50p a pair.. one pair for now (9/12 months) and one for him to grow into (12/18 months)...

Yankee Candles in a charity shop..?

8:51 pm
I picked up this small jar of clean cotton, which I'm sure the whole of the UK is aware that I'm completely obsessed with this scent by now... 99p I grabbed it for! Wahooo.... already gift wrapped too... I bought it as a gift to myself for my birthday last week!

 Also managed to pick up this little camcorder, I've been after one for a while now and this was so cute I couldn't resist picking it up for £4.99! 

B&M Clearance

8:45 pm
Thank you for some awesome summer savings B&M

Total full price cost - £12.65
Total reduced price cost - £3.30
Total saving of £9.35

Reduced to £1

Reduced to 10p

Reduced to 10p

Reduced to £1

Reduced to 10p

Reduced to £1

Another Wilkos Clearance

8:32 pm
Managed to pick up a few goodies at Wilkos again... good timing on the camping clearance as that's what we are doing this bank holiday!

Easy inflate double air bed reduced from £15 to £7.50

French manicure tip guide stickers (been handy in the past!) 5p a pack
Eyelash applicator 5p

Hair clips 5p a pack

Cute little cookie cutters 50p reduced from £2 and some silicone kitchen utensils for 50p each rather than £2 each

The best charity shop find to date...

6:31 pm
When you find a £350+ pram for £30 in a charity shop and it barely looks like it's been used, you know you've stuck gold.

It also came with (not pictured as memory on my phone wouldn't allow!) the car seat which looks to be the only part of the travel system, that has actually been used. It came with a pram liner, car seat foot muff, and cosy toes for the pram too, all in immaculate condition. The frame of the pram has NO marks or scratches, the tyres looks pristine and the only bit I could see use on was the car seat and that was because it looks to have suncream marks on the side im assuming where the childs legs would lay.

I've never seen something so close to being brand new it's unreal. The pram itself is a Mothercare Xpedior pram and pushchair system in limited edition Khaki. I'll write a detailed review on it once I've used it a little bit more.

I'm over the moon, I love it!

And this is why I love charity shopping!

Reduced Peppa Pig Goodies

9:58 pm
How super cute is this George Pig comfort blanket I found at a small independent shop in Yorkshire for Rhun..? He doesn't have a comfort blanket but I thought this was cute for bed time.. he's gone to bed every night with it since.. so cute.. Reduced from £5.99 to £2.99 it's soooo soft... and it's also so hard to find George related items.. always seems to be Pink Peppa stuff.... anyone else found this? 

 And a cute little teether with ring for his pram.. he's chewing a lot lately with his back teeth coming through so thought this was great. £1.99 from £4.99

Yankee Candle Review - Summer Flowers

Just a short review here....

Not a lot to say about this one, I could smell the daisies not so much on the wildflower front but each nose is different.. I wasn't entirely sure on the scent, It's not as fresh as I thought it would be, it's more of a sickly sweeter scent. It filled my large living room ok though so not an issue on the throw front. Just wasn't a fan of the scent. I do prefer fresh scents though.
Overall good throw :)

Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 5
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 5
Would I purchase again? - No

Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:

Freshen up your home with the unmistakable scent of daisies and wildflowers

Birthday Gifts!!!!

9:04 pm

Yes, I've already used it.. it's fucking amazing! Detailed review and video to follow....

And my FIRST Pandora bracelet... I love them!!!! And lots of wine and prosecco... mmmmmmmmm

Thank you mum and dad!!!! 

Mirfield Show... In Pictures

8:43 pm
Imagine leaving your coats at home... more than 100 miles away... That's exactly what we did.

I say we I was partially trying to blame Rhun... an innocent 1 year old..

Sorry not sorry.

It absolutely pissed it down. Every layer of clothing got wet but lucky dried out by 10am.. not bad considering we were out on the field at 6:30am.. we could have been wet for a lot longer...

The sun came out in the end like it always does at Mirfield.

This year was my 6th year as Official Photographer... it's gone so fast. It's my fave time of the year.

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