Where have I been!?

9:24 pm
I've not posted much at all this week. We got back from Church on Sunday and Rhun developed a temperature, it sort of went downhill from there. His highest temperature shot up to 40.7 even though he had already been given calpol. His average temperature over the past five days has been 40.4 which is still very very high. He wasn't himself at all, I called the out of hours doctors as I couldn't get his temperature to drop whatever I tried. We had an ambulance sent out to us to check him over. 

Hours turned into days... days seemed like weeks... which ultimately seemed like months before I actually got some sleep... He was awake literally 5 nights straight with a temperature in the 40's. So exhausting. On top of all that, I developed a chest infection and managed to do my back in! I say back, we're still unsure where the pain is coming from as i'm struggling to breathe and I can't lift my arm. I had literally not slept for as long as I can remember, I couldn't get comfortable at all. 

Lots of late night Peppa Pig marathons were had... 

Getting fanned to sleep....

We were extremely unfortunate and spent the whole of yesterday afternoon at the doctors. Rhun screamed because he thought we were there for him and he was getting jabbed again - the paramedics ran a few tests and he must have remembered the doctors room from his last set of immunisations. Not cool. Screaming child with a temperature and a mum that feels like she's about to pass out from the sheer amount of pain that's coming from her shoulder/back. The doctors gave me a blood clot preventative jab in my stomach, a jab of nice strong pain relief and took three lots of bloods. Never felt so bloody bruised. I was only there having jabs on Monday! It's definitely not been our week. I think we need to do some serious catching up with sleep... 

Rhuns had a few major toddler moments this week too, because I wouldn't let him to go bed with a coat hanger or because I wouldn't let him have the money plant for dinner.. Or because I put him in his highchair for dinner... 

Who knows what's gotten into him... maybe it's because he's not been very well..

Currently sat here with an ice cold gel pack on my shoulder propping my back up with an inflatable pillow... the struggle is deadly real right now guys. Please send sympathy cards before all sanity is lost! Please, thanks! 

Charity shop bargains...

10:42 pm

Check out these little bits I picked up for Rhun this week..

As he has started to really get in to arts and crafts, what better way to get crafty than with your very own Gruffalo apron! Gruffalo items seem to be quite the price when purchased new, I got hold of this for £1.99 :)  it's got a nice soft lining and waterproof front, it's a perfect size too! 

Also found this little magnetic Peppa Pig book which I thought would be great for Rhun been as he's totally obsessed with taking the magnets off the fridge at the moment. 

Not bad for 70p - it's a Ladybird book too! :) 

Reductions in B&M

11:16 pm
B&M seem to be having a lot of reduced items over the past few weeks, obviously for me this is great. Guess what I managed to get for Rhun...... Tadaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

You guessed ..... A PEPPA PIG CALENDAR! I say calendar, it's just 12 different pictures... that's cool too...

Trying something new... Sewing!

11:03 pm
I haven't touched a sewing machine for at least 10 years, today I decided I'd try my hand at it. Picked up some gorgeous clearance materials from Textile Express in town and decided to get my craft on. It only took me about 4 hours to work out how to thread the bloody sewing machine.. you think you hooked that bad boy up all right until you start doing stitches.. dayum, I need practice at this. I persevered though and managed to sort it.


Decided to make Rhun a dribble bib.... 

 He totally loves it...

 Stitches aren't perfect but I'm actually super proud of myself, I had no idea what I was doing, had to think ahead whilst at the material shop of everything I'd need - including velcro etc..

And I had no template to work from either! 

Also made him a new tie for church tomorrow! 

 I guess you never know what you are capable of unless you try new things :) I'll see what else I can create this week... 

Top 5 products for nappy rash

6:46 am

Luckily we have been ever so fortunate that we have only had a few dramas where nappy rash is concerned. It's still an uncomfortable subject though, not knowing exactly which product to reach for when there are so many similar products on the shelves in shops these days. I mean, I've been there, I've done it, I've bought nearly all the brands and compared them because as a new mum I wanted my baby to be nappy rash free but didn't have any experience with any of the products that sat in front of me. I've complied a list of my top 5 products (and friends) for nappy rash, be sure to check them out.

Ok these are in no particular order- 


Been around for years, one of the 'go to' nappy rash oitments which is readily availble.

Remember when using this product in the yellow tube, it stains everything! It is beyond incredible though.

I swear by this oatmeal based cream, leaves baby super soft!

Came across this brand online after reading raving reviews about it. Never seen it on shelves here but you can buy it online. Desitin Original is what I picked up.


It's liquid gold and can cure all.. Just ask your breastfeeding friends! 

Super cool Tetley Tea Bags!

10:40 pm
Spotted these today, how awesome do these sound? Can't wait to give them a try!

Has anyone tried them yet? What do you think to them? So cool! I think they were £1.50 per box, not bad! 

Candle/Wax Haul!

10:29 pm
So some fellow wax addicts mentioned these little wax melts by Aroma Wax Melts, they're from Home Bargains and cost 29p each. They smell absolutely incredible so I stocked up on a few, I think they have about 8 scents but I picked up the ones below -

I've never used vegetable wax before so I'm quite excited to try these out and see what I make of them, going from everyone elses opinions they're a bargain at 29p each! They come in super cute small containers and smell amazing on cold throw... 

Next up is another that was recommended, Wickford & Co - also found at Home Bargains. I picked up a tin for 99p and a small jar for 49p, these also smell super yummy and Summer Party smells very similar to Bahama Breeze Yankee Candle. I'll do some reviews once burnt. I haven't burnt anything for a few days because I'm full of hayfever at the moment... grrr..! 

Bloo Foam Aroma Review

9:21 pm
I hadn't ever seen this up until today, picked it up for £3 whilst in Wilkos. It's a toilet cleaner but powder rather than liquid. I usually always refuse to use bottled bleach and bleach based cleaners, I try and find alternative products that would do the same job. I was intrigued by this product as I'd never seen a powder based toilet cleaner before. It does smell quite nice - this was Ocean Mist, it smells nice and fresh when you open the bottle.

Foam Aroma fills your bathroom with a beautiful ocean fragrance and leaves your loo sparkling clean. It fizzes and foams up the loo bowl, freshening and perfuming, all whilst helping to remove limescale.
For a sparkling loo, Rich cleaning action, Helps to remove limescale

Preparation and Usage

For best results use daily.
Mate, not been funny but at £3 a bottle you probably only get a weeks worth if that, and you advise to add another cap for extra freshness? Can you see where I'm going with this? 

1 Pour powder into the cap to the mark.
I did, because I'm stingy like that..
2 Tip the capful quickly into the loo from the top of the bowl.
Followed these instructions expecting an exciting show of ultra foam.... didn't happen.
3 The product will foam, releasing the fragrance.
Barely foamed, probably foamed for 2 seconds. Didn't even get excited about it. I was expecting it to be like a bath bomb.
4 Flush away for a sparkling clean toilet. Leave overnight for maximum limescale removal.
I've read different things about how to use this product, online it says it's meant to be used after flushing, yet on the bottle it says use before flushing.. I have zero limescale so didn't need to leave it overnight.

For even more ocean fragrance add another capful of FoamAroma.
Be such an expensive toilet cleaner if I did this .... 
You may notice a drop in the water level before flushing. This is normal.
Noticed a slight drop, nothing major, nothing I panicked about.

Safe to use with in cistern blocks, septic tanks and coloured toilet bowls. Use only as a toilet bowl cleaner.
I was glad about this as I currently have a Bloo Max cistern block in which only got put in yesterday.

The smell didn't linger much longer than about 30 seconds, as soon as I flushed the toilet as directed the smell did dissipate. I mean, the toilet looked clean before, how do I know this made any difference? I can't understand a product that takes zero elbow grease or a product that doesn't need time to 'work'... this is a little 

BORING.. GIVE ME SOMETHING THAT WORKS ALREADY.. Another useless product.. another waste of money. No thrill, no excitement and not even a fresh smelling toilet to thank them for. 
The bottle is quite a nice design/shape though... 


8:20 pm


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25 Alternative uses for tumble dryer sheets...

11:11 pm

I absolutely love the smell of Lenor tumble dryer sheets. Even though I don't have a tumble dryer in this house due to lack of space, I still use these dryer sheets all the time. They make the house smell delicious. Here's a list of alternative uses for these amazing little sheets :)

I use these sheets to dust - they are amazing at keeping the dust away, honestly! I dust my TV once a week with these and to be honest, I could get away with doing them once a fortnight but it's now a habit so I do them as part of my weekly cleaning routine. 

So if you have smelly shoes that smell even worse with the hot weather, stick a few of these dryer sheets in each shoe for a few hours, I guarantee they will smell so much fresher afterwards! 

These are fantastic at keeping away musty wardrobe smells, tuck a few of them in your drawers or at the bottom of your wardrobe, each time you open the drawers/wardrobe doors you'll be hit by that amazing scent these dryer sheets produce. 

Got water marks on your shower door? Windows? Kitchen sink area? Scrub them down with a tumble dryer sheet and watch those stubborn water marks fade away with minimal effort.

I stick these tumble dryer sheets tucked behind the radiators, they smell absolutely heavenly when the heating is on, better still you don't need your heating on for them to freshen up a room. Change them every few weeks, they're so cheap, why wouldn't you?

I also like to stick 2 sheets in my bin before I've put in my black bin bag, believe it or not every time you open the bin to dispose rubbish you're hit with that lovely fresh smell rather than a rubbish smell. The smell finds its way around the black bag - even though it's underneath! 

When you go to empty out your clean, dry load of washing from your tumble dryer, don't dispose of that used tumble dryer sheet straight away - nope, wipe down your lint trap and tumble dryer as they are amazing at collecting dust like I mentioned in tip #1.

A friend of mine recently went on holiday with children. On their last day he didn't want the children's damp towels/swimsuits smelling damp on the journey back home so he popped a few dryer sheets between the clothes and they didn't smell damp whilst they travelled home. 

If your hoover/vacuum sometimes smells a little bit bleak, stick a dryer sheet in the dust compartment. Each time you hoover you'll be hit by a gorgeous summer aroma wafting through the air.

You know when you've had books for a few years and they begin to smell old and musty? Freshen them up by cutting up some dryer sheets and slotting them in a few pages, works a treat.

Ever been out and about and had to do an emergency nappy change and there's no bin? Fear not, wrap the nappy in a dryer sheet until you have chance to dispose of the nappy - keeps all those icky smells at bay! 

Cleaning up hair can be a nag sometimes. Especially if you're cleaning it up from lino and not carpet. Wipe along the floor with a dryer sheet and it will collect all the hair instantly!

Got static hair? In a rush to go out? Run a dryer sheet over your hair - it will eliminate the static and make your hair smell amazing. 

You know those awful burn marks, sticky marks and general use marks you get on your iron? Quite annoying to remove aren't they. Not with a tumble dryer sheet! Wipe over the cooling iron with a sheet and the marks come off and you're left with a nice clean shiny iron. *elbow grease maybe required*

Stick some sheets in the boot of your car, under your seats or even in the glove box, they'll help to keep your car smelling clean and fresh, regardless of it you have actually cleaned it.

Used tumble dryer sheets are fantastic at cleaning glass, try it!

These handy little dryer sheets easily remove tar spots and dead bugs from the bonnet of your car.

Clean your hairbrushes in a bowl full of water, add a few dryer sheets and leave overnight, then rinse and dry, your brushes will be like new! 

Got vents in your house? Tape some dryer sheets across them to collect dust and allow the scent to waft around the room.

Got blunt scissors? Rub across them with a dryer sheet to sharpen them up and remove any gunk they've collected.

Use tumble dryer sheets for a whole range of crafts, cut them, stick them, roll them up... make cards with them, the possibilities are endless! 

Got some wax somewhere it shouldn't be? Try removing it with a dryer sheet! 

Summer is great, insects not so much. Carry around a tumble dryer sheet, find somewhere to tuck it (maybe your bag, jeans..) to keep the bugs at bay!

Dryer sheets are fantastic at removing that horrible super sticky tree sap from your hands!


Skirting boards seem to get so dusty, wipe over them with a tumble dryer sheet, they'll collect the dust and it won't resettle as quick.

So there you have it.. 25 alternative uses for tumble dryer sheets. They make everything smell amazing! Go try it... 

A sticker-licious morning

9:25 pm
Me & Rhun had a fun morning applying his new glow in the dark stickers I picked up from Wilkos last week in the reduced section. They actually glow really bright but I haven't managed to take a picture of them in the dark yet because they won't show on my phone.

Rhun thought it was fab sticking stickers on the wall and not on himself for once, hopefully he won't be one of those kids that sticks apple stickers everywhere - that would be slightly annoying to say the least..

He was running around sticking bones wherever he could, especially on the skirting board - wasn't quite happy that I kept removing them though!

I'm trying to transform his room into a big boys room now he's in his big boys bed (separate post coming!) and originally wanted glow in the dark stars but saw these reduced instead.

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