My good deed of 2015..

7:40 pm
In December I took the plunge and did one of those spontaneous things you only really see on TV. I absolutely loved my long hair but I knew I didn't appreciate as much as someone else. I went and had 17 inch chopped off there and then. Whilst I was on my way to the hair dressers I had 9 inch in mind but whilst sat in the chair just before she was about to make that first cut, I thought, why stop there? I decided to go and have 17 inch off so I could donate it to The Little Princess Trust - The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment.
I felt a sense of achievement immediately and knew someone would appreciate my kind gesture a lot.

Yankee Candle Review - 2x4

7:30 pm
 Managed to get my hands on this last week. As soon as it was released I wanted my hands on it. I expected it to smell of a nice wood smell, like the smell of fresh cut wood, it doesn't. It smells of bleak damp shed! I didn't burn it for very long because it did smell quite synthetic and not 'real life' like Yankee promote their fragrances. 

Sorry short review here, did not expect it to be this poor on scent, wasn't a fantastic throw when burning either. You would expect more from a collectors edition candle, regardless of whether it gets burnt or not. I feel robbed! haha you love some you hate some I guess.

We all love a freebie!

6:54 pm

My new neighbour who I've known for many years now, gave me this small table and I had some left over vinyl so I gave it a bit of a spruce up to match my new living room!

Total spend - £0!!!

Furniture Spruce Up & Bedroom Decorating!

6:49 pm

So I picked up this old tallboy unit for £10 a few years ago and never got round to actually doing anything with it. When I moved I wanted it to match Rhun's bedroom so painted it to match the walls and his toy box. I'm quite happy with it :) 

Here's some before/after pictures of his bedroom :)

Unpacking is the worst! 

 He's a big fan of Peppa Pig and I managed to pick up these 3 canvases up at a charity shop for 99p for the 3!

These amazing black out blinds are £5 from Wilkos. They're called Blind in a box and you cut them to size, they're actually a paper blind but a cheap and easy way to block out the light in this bedroom!

I love his bedroom now. He had a similar theme running in his last bedroom at the other house I'll do a post soon so you can see :) 

Behind The Scenes...

11:40 pm

Cupboard to Playroom transformation

11:44 pm

Rather than hoarding all the usual crap people do in the cupboard under the stairs, when I moved I purposely kept it empty with intentions of transforming it as a playspace/toyspace for my 1 year old. He has a rainbow wall, funky ceiling, chalk board and a busy wall which I can keep adding to as he gets older. It's a great way to store the toys at the end of the day!

The most expensive part of the room was the chalk board paint which was £3.75 a tin, I used barely any of the tin but it was the smallest I could get my hands on. All the colours I painted on the walls were reduced tester paint pots from Wilko's at 5p each. Bargain! So it cost me less than £5 to do this out. It's amazing what you can do to such a small space.  Here's what I did...


Furniture Up-cycling

11:25 pm

I managed to pick up this corner unit from a second hand shop for £10. I also had some left over paint from redecorating the new house so gave it a lick of paint and it's now my dedicated 'Yankee Unit'. Happy days!

Retouching Work

Some of my old retouching work using royalty free stock from Editable Photos.

Melting House - Chocolate Specialists

8:42 pm

These are simply amazing. Mouth watering and jaw dropping! I took these shots a while ago now and sampled some truffles on the day, my oh my... they are perfection! 

Check out their facebook page: Link

Charmaine De La Rosa - One of my favourite models to work with

8:37 pm
Charmaine is such a natural model. Can't wait to work with her again soon! Here's some old shots for you to check out.

Charity Shop Bargains..

7:46 pm

Had a bit of a trip out of town yesterday and obviously the only shops I go in are charity shops. I absolutely love them! You can't beat a good bargain, especially when you have a child that thinks it's funny to keep outgrowing clothes before he's even had chance to wear them!

Picked up this cute little tshirt from NEXT. If you shop at NEXT you know how pricey it can be but also how cute their range of children's clothes are. I've actually managed to pick up a lot of NEXT clothes recently without paying the top price labels. This little top was 75p!

  These trendy little trainers also from NEXT had a price tag of £1.50! What an absolute bargain! They are a size ahead of what he's in at the moment but who cares, you can't leave a bargain like that on the shelves :) perfect for his first little walking trainers! 

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