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The Fifth Year Soirée Bundle

9:47 am

Released only yesterday, feast your eyes on this incredible customer Kudos for November! It's one to remember as it's the celebratory Kudos for Youniques' 5th Anniversary! I've ordered mine and I honestly, can't wait for it to come. Coupled with your choice of Splurge cream shadow AND your choice of Opulence lipstick too.... I just peed a little.... excitement has taken over!

Keep an eye out for another post once it arrives, these are selling like absolute hot cakes.. can you see why?
Exclusive Anniversary Palette
These seven shadows feature four in full glitz formulated with a compelling deep matte black base and standout glimmer. Apply on top of our MOODSTRUCK SPLURGE cream shadow for the ultimate smoky eye
  • MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION™ shadow palette anniversary edition
  • MOODSTRUCK OPULENCE™ lipstick in the color of your choice
  • MOODSTRUCK SPLURGE cream shadow in the color of your choice
  • YOUNIQUE™ cream shadow brush

Here's the description, don't you feel you HAVE to buy it for party season after reading this?
Pop the cork, toss the confetti, and light those fireworks—we’ve got some serious partying to do. It’s our fifth anniversary, and our Fifth Year Soirée Customer Kudos features a glitzy anniversary edition of our MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION shadow palette, YOUNIQUE cream shadow brush, a MOODSTRUCK SPLURGE cream shadow in the color of your choice, and a MOODSTRUCK OPULENCE lipstick in the color of your choice. Trust us: with these colors, every day will feel like a celebration.
Want in, but can’t stay for the afterparty? Our gorgeous anniversary edition MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION shadow palette is available for individual sale.

Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation and brush Review

10:55 pm

It's been a long time coming, I'm back with another review though! 

I've been using this foundation for 3 months or so now and I am so in love with it I just had to share.

I signed up to Younique as a 'Kit napper' as they call it these days. I'd tested some of the foundation on a sample card Jess had given me and was incredibly shocked that I hadn't reacted to it.

My skin has been up and down this year, it's been picture perfect one minute to covered in hives the next. I pretty much stopped wearing makeup due to this and it got me down a little... No, it got me down a hell of a lot. I absolutely love wearing makeup as you guys know and I've tried a lot of brands over the years and although I'd managed to wear Collection makeup with minimal issues I wanted to find something new. I've been wearing Collection makeup for as long as I can remember because my skin seems to react less to the products Collection has to offer. 
I found that the higher end brands set my skin off - probably due to the chemicals etc they put in for the long lasting wear. So those high end brands all my fave bloggers go to? Yep, not on my radar what so ever. 

So, let's get down to business with this review which I know you'll be keen to read - I read tonnes of them.

Do they call it liquid gold to entice you to purchase?
No, I'm pretty sure that a customer came up with that name for it. It literally is, liquid gold. This foundation by far is the best thing I've ever applied to my face. You know what else rocks about it? The smell, it smells like sweet caramel it's sooooo good! 

This foundation applies as a liquid (FYI it's pretty darn runny!) but after minutes it dries to a velvety soft powder. I was advised to purchase the liquid foundation brush HERE - I thought it was pretty pricey but went ahead to buy it anyway because all my brushes were long gone and needed throwing in the bin, they'd had years of neglect and I never cleaned them... oops. Lesson learned! 
The brush has like a concave in the middle, I got told that you are meant to put a few drops of the foundation in the middle but I've seen people applying it like you would normally by randomly coating the brush. As soon as I used that brush I instantly fell in love... It's by far the best face brush I've had the pleasure of owning and £25 now doesn't even feel like much. It's saved me a lot of money because I've applied less foundation than I normally would. I used to use a beauty blender but I wouldn't ever go back now. 

The brush washes nicely as well, I've been keeping it clean this time round. It's mega soft and fluffs nicely when dry. 

I did find though, when I'd applied a little too much foundation the brush left stroke marks, so I had to stroke lighter to blend these in. I found that applying 1 coat was enough but if I wanted super high coverage then I had to let the first layer dry to a powder before applying more, it's only about 5 minutes or so not long so I didn't really see that as a problem. The coverage is great, it covers incredibly well for the amount you have on your brush. I use 4 drops on my brush, if you put 4 drops on your hand it looks like nothing, well it did me compared to my old foundation. It doesn't get cakey either which is a big plus in my eyes, nothing worse than foundation thats cakey. I even did an experiment and layered on 6 layers of foundation to see if it would cake up.... nope.. literally sat perfect!!!

You can get your hands on the foundation HERE

It defo gets a 10/10 from me and I will not be using any other foundation any time soon! 

Website Under Construction

10:50 pm

Hello all, it's been a while since I last visited. 
(lies, I'm trying to update it and give it a nice revamp!)

Please bare with me, all this tech stuff is mind boggling to say the least...

Primark Haul - Video

9:13 pm
Check out the link to my most recent video!

Primark Haul


Happy 1 year house!

8:54 pm

It's crazy what a year can do to our lives. 1 year ago yesterday we moved from our top floor, damp flat.. We moved into a lovely flat with nicer neighbours and at the time, I couldn't have been happier!
More announcements soon! :) 

Meet the working mum - Care Johnson

8:47 pm

Just a quick post to say a huge thank you to Jo over at OrganisedJo for interviewing me as part of the Meet The Working Mum series.

You can check it out by following the link below, it's pretty rad!


I lost 19lb!

8:29 pm
If you didn't see my previous post which was posted on this day last month then you can check it out here.

Basically, I've lost even more since then. Which is great for me as I'd gained 2 stone when I stopped smoking. I feel absolutely fantastic lately, my skin is a lot healthier too and I feel a lot fitter. 6 weeks ago I could barely do 1 sit up, I do 75 a day now. Crazy how much our bodies find the strength and adjust accordingly.

I've been so busy trying to change my lifestyle I haven't had chance to update this blog as much as i'd have liked to. Now I'm in a pretty steady routine, getting more than 4 hours sleep a night (I know, how did I survive!), regular fitness and meal plans.

It's crazy how much you can change (mind, body and soul) in 6 weeks.

I'll update this blog with some meal plans and fitness info once I get chance to sit and draft something up.

Terrible two's or teething toddler?

7:27 pm

 It's a hard shout 'cause to me it's a pretty close call. 

How can you tell the difference at the time? It's really hard to understand until afterwards. Is it naughtiness from the excruciating pain they're in when a tooth is cutting.. Or is it just about testing boundaries?

Kicking, smacking, headbutting... the list goes on.

Please tell me this is only a phase. 


11:50 pm




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